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The newly formed Tech3 E-Racing team with Tommaso Marcon and Lukas Tulovic has been testing this week at the Circuito de Jerez - Ángel Nieto. During the three days in the South of Spain both, the Italian and the German MotoE rookies, Marcon and Tulovic tried out their new Energica Ego Corsa machine for the very first time and thereby managed to improve with every session.

While Marcon lowered his lap time by 7.225 seconds from the first to the final outing, Tulovic went 5.758 seconds faster on Thursday than on Tuesday morning, showing some great potential for the upcoming season, which is set to commence from 1st to 3rd of May at the same venue.

Tommaso Marcon

Position: 15th

Time: 1:49.043

Laps: 68

"From the first day, we just started to familiarize with the bike and we were working a lot to increase my feeling, especially because I didn’t ride a bike since last November. We improved that, I got to know the bike better and better and I adapted my riding style. Today we focused on a fast lap, the first two sessions have been quite good, but the final one didn’t really work out for us. We couldn’t find a good balance with the tyre and therefore were unable to carry out the planned time attack. Overall, I’m happy about the test itself and the team, the guys are great. It’s just a pity for the last session, but we can do it next time."

Lukas Tulovic

Position: 16th

Time: 1:49.442

Laps: 58

"In general, I’m quite happy with the progress we made. In the beginning, we started in the 1:55’s and ended up in low 49’s, so it was great, but also the other riders made huge steps, therefore, I know, I have to keep working in order to find the points, in which I can improve and where I can get faster to close the gap and being competitive for the season. The entire field is very close, so to get good results, we need to make another step and I have to understand how to ride really fast with this bike. I’m not slow at the moment, but pushing it a lot, so I need to learn to use the electronic power better to go truly fast. Unfortunately, I had a small crash to report in the last session of the last day, so I want to apologize to my team. Overall, we made good progress and now it’s up to me to find the next step to be competitive for the whole season."

Hervé Poncharal

Team Manager

"Finally, we got first MotoE test done. It was a bit of an adventure with the difficult situation the world is going through right now, but I’m glad that we had three days with brilliant weather and track conditions. It was a very important test for everybody, but even more for us because our two riders never rode the Energica bike, they never rode an electrical bike at all, so was very interesting for them to understand and discover. Clearly, we have been using these three days the best we could, doing the maximum number of laps and every single outing was quicker than previous one. We started very far from leader, but now we are a lot closer to the top. I’m pretty sure, if ever we still can have the second test in April, we will reduce that gap further. Our guys are young, unexperienced with electric bike, but most important they are having fun. The level of this category is very high, it’s even closer than last year, so I’m sure it’s going to produce very exciting races and hopefully our two guys can be part of the fight in front. I would like to thank the whole team and our two riders for their hard work and more than anything pray for the second test to happen in order to see us having fun and catch on the leaders."


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