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The final weekend of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup commenced today with some tricky track time in FP1, as the Le Mans circuit was half wet and half dry for the first session around midday ahead of sunny, but cold weather for FP2 in the afternoon.

Thereby, Tommaso Marcon faced the challenge to learn the French track he’s never been riding before, but managed some great improvements throughout Friday to eventually finish day one in 12th. At the same time, Lukas Tulovic, who just had surgery on his broken third metacarpal bone of his right hand 10 days ago, was 12th fastest in FP1, but struggled with pain in dry conditions this afternoon.

Tommaso Marcon

Position: 12th

Time: 1:45.912

Laps: 19

"I’m for the first time here in Le Mans and I have to say, that I like this track a lot. This morning the conditions were 50-50, but we went out with rain tyre and just saw it as a warm up session. The first dry session this afternoon was quite good. We still need to work a lot to learn it better, I think that will be the main point for the upcoming two days."

Lukas Tulovic

Position: 18th

Time: 1:46.891

Laps: 18

"It was the first day of Tech3’s home GP and I was really looking forward to this weekend, because I have some good memories here in Le Mans. This morning, we started in mixed conditions and the feeling was quite good. The adjustments my team made on the bike were working well with the injury and I felt quite strong on the bike, only 1.7 behind the top, being the first time on the Michelin rain tyre was positive. For the second practice, we knew it would be dry, so I took some more pain killers, but the pain with my injury was very strong. For this, I’m a bit disappointed. Now, I’m going to talk to the team and the doctors to make a decision for the rest of the weekend."


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